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    Timpanogas Cave National Monument

    National Park Rangers guide visitors on hour-long, interpretative tours through the caves. Closed Oct-April.

    Tabernacle Hill
    Located 35 miles southwest of Fillmore is this area that witnessed significant volcanic activity 12,000-24,000 years ago. Today this landscape is covered with cinder cones, collapsed calderas, pit craters and pressure ridges. Exploring the lava-tube caves is a popular recreational activity.

    The Homestead Resort
    This four-season resort is set in the heart of "Utah's Alps". Experience the Homestead Crater, where you can swim, snorkel, scuba dive, or take a warm mineral bath inside a 55-foot limestone cavern.

    Danger Cave - Wendover UT
    Some 11,000 years ago members of the Great Basin Desert Culture left behind fascinating evidence of their existence at a site known as Danger Cave.

    Moqui Cave - Kanab UT
    Moqui Cave depicts the lives and architectural achievements of the Native Americans of ths Southwest during the Pueblo Period (AD 700-1200). This Kane County landmark is also home to the largest collection of dinosaur tracks. Indoor temperature never exceeds 70 degrees.

    Logan Canyon Wind Caves
    A fragile, scenic triple arch and natural cave at the top of 2.5 mile trail. Also known as Witch's Castle.

    Logan Cave
    Now closed to the public as a protected bat habitat. Easily visible US-89 in Logan Canyon. The cave extends about 4,000 feet into the mountain and is as high as 709 feet in some places. It contains high narrow walls and intricate chambers. The Townsend Big-Eared bats call it home.

    Minnetonka Cave - Montpelier ID
    Half mile tour through room and room with fantastic display of stalagmites and stalactites. Located on north side of Bear Lake.

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