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Hawaiian Island Getaway
One of the most popular tourism destinations in the world is the Hawaiian Islands. Local attractions include touring royal palaces, miles of beautiful beaches and polynesian cultural entertainment venues.

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Romantic Getaways of the Southwest
Lake Tahoe - Popular wilderness destination winter or summer.
Morro Bay - California Central Coastline resort destination.
Sedona - Famous Arizona red rock desert resort community
Lake Mead - Watersport recreation area located near Las Vegas
Park City - Hosted many wintersport competition venues during the 2002 Winter Olympics
Big Bear Lake - Southern California mountain retreat.

Family Outdoor Adventures
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Discover natural wonders when you explore to a scenic backdrop of amazing desert, mountain, islands and coastal terrain. Our planet features many exciting high wilderness adventures opportunities for rock climbing, mountaineering, ocean sailing, camping, hiking and more.

    Family Night Adventure Objective : Schedule one family oriented activity per week
    Increase happiness and unity in the home as well as personal satisfaction. Family night will help make communication happen and open the doors to let you discover each other's hidden talents and ambitions and prepare for an exciting future.
    About - 101 Family Night Activities
    About Fatherhood - Why Family Night is important
    National Family Night - Dr Alvin Rosenfeld
    Families With Purpose - Games, crafts, activities, education, blogs and more.
    Values Parenting - Family Nights are also enhanced if some kind of family learning or character development goes on together.
    Family - One of the goals of many Family Nights is to provide training in everyday living - site by LDS Church.

    Family Night Tip #1 : Starting a Weekly Activity Meeting
    Each family should meet at least once a week for about one hour. It should be scheduled for the same time each week at a time when there is less interference from the outside world. (Personally - I find Sunday evening to be best.)

    Turn off outside distractions such the television, music, computers, etc. This weekly meeting can consist of song, games, prayer, reading stories, treats, etc. Our most popular activity is sharing time where each member of the family tells about his most exciting adventure of the past week and we discuss plans and ideas for new individual and group adventures.

    Family Night Guidebooks from Amazon
    An Introduction to Family Nights - : Creating Lasting Impressions for the Next Generation -This collection of 12 family nights spring from a national movement designed to bring fun and spiritual growth together on a regular basis. Now you can join this growing network of families who are intent on passing a spiritual heritage to their children.
    52 Weeks Of Family Night - Fast and Easy Lessons for Young Families by Tamara Baggett - This is a nice, interactive way to help small children be involved, and a fast and easy way to help busy parents create effective family home evening lessons
    50 Nights of Family Fun - Fifty simple, cheap, and fun boredom busters for families.
    Game Night: Fun for the Whole Family - Featuring 11 classic games and lots of variations, this fantastic game box includes cards, dice and cup, a score pad, a winner's log, and an instructional book with game rules, difficulty ratings, and tips on optimizing entertainment.

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    ZooBooks Magazine
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    Family Night Tip #2 : Family Night Indoor Activities
    A quick list of activities that can be done easily in the home.
    Read Story Together -
    Play Board Games -
    Share talents - music concert, artwork display, crafts project
    Hobby / Arts / Crafts - work on a hobby crafts project together
    Yard Game - Play ball - Swimming Pool or Trampoline are also popular

    Family Board Games from Amazon
    Upwords - 3D Scrabble game is a new twist on a popular game.
    Monopoly - There are now over 250 themed versions of this popular board game from Hasbro.
    Life Board Game - In this classic game of fortune, your goal is to dodge bad luck and make a buck.
    Sorry! Family Game Night Edition -This classic game of luck, strategy, and determination is easy to grasp for children as young as 6 years old, yet it's fun for adults and older siblings too.
    Connect Four - Connect Four is like vertical tic-tac-toe. Unlike tic-tac-toe, however (as the name suggests), you must get four checkers in a row.
    UNO Card Game by Mattel - a popular brand of family Game. Be the first player or team to score 500 points.
    Card Game Classics Tin - Combines four popular family night games in one - Miles Bornes, Pit, Waterworks and Canasta.
    Voit Thunderer Air Hockey Table - Bring the excitement of arcade air hockey into your home

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    Family Night Tip #3 : Family Night Outdoor Activities
    Feel free to take your weekly family night adventure outside the home
    Attend concert or Sporting Event -
    Picnic at Park -
    Cinema Night - Movie Theater
    Fine Restaurant - (But not fast food)
    Visit Museum - visit local musuem, library, or public landmark.
    Community Event - attend local concert or festival

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