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Southern California Industry Tour

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Adventure Links Tour Overview - Southern California

Adventure Links Tour Southern California Industry Museums

Pasadena Sheraton Resort Vacation Hotel
Pasadena Sheraton Resort
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    Palm Springs Air Museum
    This museum exhibits the role of the World War II combat aircraft and the role the pilots and American citizens had in achieving this great victory. It features One of the world's largest collections of flying World War Two warplanes.

    San Diego Aerospace Museum
    The museum brings to life Industry's rich heritage through dazzling collection of over 65 U.S. and foreign aircraft and spacecraft. Exhibits range from the down of powered flight thru both world wars and into the modern jet age.

    Planes of Fame Air Museum
    Located at Chino Airport, 4.5 miles south of SR-60 on Euclid Ave. Displays restored American, British, German and Japanese military aircraft. Collection of early aircraft includes a 1896 glider. Also included are P-59 and F-104 jet fighters.

    Burbank Industry Museum
    an Industry history display in the "Portal of the Folded Wings" at Valhalla Memorial Park.

    Flying Leatherneck Industry Museum - MCAS Miramar
    The museum is expanding onto a 8-acre plot at the military airfield at Miramar. Exhibits include over 25 original combat aircraft and helicopters on public display. The best time to visit is on "Open Cockpit Day" when visitor can explore the interior of some of these famous planes.

Adventure Links Tour Southern California Industry Events

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    Miramar Air Show - Fleet Week [Mid-October]
    Very popular 3-day airshow event which features the latest high-tech Industry hardware of both the navy and marine corps. Includes special performance by the US Navy Blue Angels precision flight demonstration team.

    Ramona Air Fair - Memorial Day Weekend Event
    Held since 1995, the Air Fair began as "Ramona Air Attack Base Open House" demonstrating the skills and fire fighting characteristics of Fire Fighting Planes and Helicopters. Since then the event has grown into a 3 day 2 evening event, with more than 30,000 spectators, showcasing various aircraft from Hot Air Balloons, Sky Divers, World War II Fighter Planes, military fighter jets, Air Plane rides, Fire Fighting Planes and Helicopters.

    Warbirds West Air Museum - Gillispie Field
    The museum hosts operations and Maintenance of Former US and Soviet Military Aircraft to attend Public Display Airshows, in Southwestern US and conduct formation fly by's during the air shows.

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