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    1653 Alden House

    MainTour Plymouth Village

    This is where it all began in 1620 and the arrival 102 pilgrim settlers on their tiny ship Mayflower filled with big dreams anxious to start life in a whole new world.

    Some of the original Mayflower pilgrims, along with a few of those other pilgrim immigrants that arrived afterwards, soon began other settlements inland from Plymouth Village. Many of these colonial towns had a rich historical significance of their own and and were home to many important fore-fathers of a new country.

    MainTour Bristol County

    MainTour Duxbury

    One of the first villages outside of Plymouth, Duxbury soon became a thriving commercial seaport in its own right. Founded by Mayflower pilgrims John Alden, Myles Standish, George Soule and others, this village created a lot of early colonial history and their descendants were some of the most fearsome advocates for independence in the American Revolutionary War.

    MainTour Marshfield

    An early colonial settlement founded by Mayflower pilgrim Edward Winslow in 1632.

    MainTour Bridgewater

    An early colonial settlement founded by Mayflower pilgrims.

    MainTour Scituate

    An early colonial settlement founded by Mayflower pilgrims.

    Scituate is an early pilgrim seacoast town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States, on Massachusetts's South Shore.

    Scituate was first settled by pilgrims from Plymouth in 1627 who were joined by more immigrants from Kent County, England. In 1636 they organized themselves as their own town.

    MainTour Middleborough

    The town was first settled by Europeans in 1661 as Nemasket, later changed to Middlebury, and officially incorporated as Middleborough in 1669. But was abandoned and burned to the ground during King Philip's War in 1675-76.

    MainTour Rochester

    Rochester was settled in 1679 on the lands called "Sippican" by the local Wampanoags, along the coast of Buzzards BayIt originally included the lands of Mattapoisett, Marion and parts of Wareham. The town originally thrived with the early shipbuilding and whaling trade in Mattapoisett Harbor.

    MainTour Bristol County

    MainTour Taunton

    An early colonial settlement founded by Mayflower pilgrims. Famous for being one of the first ironworks in the New World. Today they hold a great Christmas lights display annually.

    MainTour Rehoboth

    Established in 1643, Rehoboth is one of the oldest towns in Massachusetts. The population was 11,608 at the 2010 census. Rehoboth is a mostly rural, suburban community with many historic sites including 53 historic cemeteries.

    MainTour Swansea

    On June 20, 1675, the first Indian attack of King Philip's War had all 70 settlers of this town confined to their stockade. By June 25 the entire town had been burned, although a handful of the colonists escaped to Taunton. When the active war ended in 1676, the town was soon rebuilt.


    MainTour Barnstable County

    MainTour Falmouth

    Falmouth is the second-largest municipality on Cape Cod after Barnstable. It features ferries to Martha's Vineyard and a number of historical sites and landmarks.

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