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    The King Caesar House is a historic house located at 120 King Caesar Road, Duxbury, Massachusetts. It is operated as a non-profit museum by the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society.

    The Federal style house, completed in 1809, was built for Ezra Weston II (1772–1842) and his wife, Jerusha Bradford Weston (1770–1833). Like his father, Weston was known as "King Caesar" for his success in shipbuilding and shipping. During the 1830s and 1840s, the firm of E. Weston & Sons ran the largest mercantile operation on the South Shore of Massachusetts. In 1841, U.S. Senator Daniel Webster, during a speech in Saratoga, New York, made the claim that Weston was, "the largest ship owner, probably, in the United States."

    Both his father, Ezra I, and his uncle, Timothy Weston (1749-1783), were participants in the American Revolutionary War. He lived on his father's 100-acre farm in Powder Point until his mansion was built in 1809.

    His son, Gershom Bradford Weston (1799-1869) was one of three sons to inherit the firm. Age 17 saw him embark on a great adventure around the world, sailing on one his father's great trading ships to Denmark, England and India, before taking on a managerial role in the family business. At age 28 elected to the state legislature, serving there for a number of years. Later serving his country as a recruiter for the Union in the Civil War.

    The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.


    Museum Overview

    The house’s front rooms, upstairs and downstairs, remain nearly unchanged from their original construction. Especially notable are superb wallpapers in the two front parlors, imported from France for the house and attributed to Dufour. The museum currently displays a variety of Federal artifacts relating to Duxbury’s shipbuilding era.

    In the early 19th Century, Ezra Weston II, through the success of his shipping empire and related businesses, became the wealthiest man in all of Plymouth Colony. The ships he built traveled to all parts of the world.

    House Timeline:

    • 1809: Construction completed by Ezra Weston II and his wife.
    • 1842: Passes to his son Alden B Weston, his son.
    • 1886: Conversion into The Powder Point School for Boys by Frederick B Knapp
    • 1967: Conversion into Museum.

    Museum Location:

    King Caesar House Museum
    120 King Caesar Road, Duxbury, Massachusetts.
    Museum Website


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