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    By 1629, John Alden, Sr. and his family had moved to Duxbury, Massachusetts where they built their first family home, only 38 feet x 10 feet big, in which he would raise a family of 10 children. He would build a much larger home in 1653, which much of the business of Plymouth Colony was transacted as he served as court clerk. Today, this house, which stands on Alden Street, is operated as a Alden family history museum by Alden Kindred Society.


    Museum Overview

    Location: 105 Alden St, Duxbury, MA 02332;
    Contact: 781-934-9092; Museum Website;
    Guided Tours: June-Oct, Wedz-Sat ; Noon-4PM;

    The John and Priscilla Alden Family Sites is a National Historic Landmark consisting of two separate properties located in Duxbury MA.

    Alden Kindred Society of America has been forging connections with Mayflower passengers John Alden and Priscilla Mullins Alden for over 100 years. During that time we have helped thousands of families engage with their heritage through the exploration of the Alden genealogy.

    Alden Original Homesite

    The site of the original Alden home is located approximately 100 yards south east of the Alden House Historic Site. It can be accessed by foot through a trail located at foot of the Alden property by following a trail through the woods. Upon exiting the trail, the site is located beyond the athletic fields on a small ride of land. The site is marked with a large granite stone.

    The Courtship of Myles Standish

    Certainly one of the most fascinating legends from this family is the love triangle story of The Courtship of Myles Standish. Myles Standish was the militia captain for the Pilgrims at Plymouth and he sought the hand of Priscilla Mullins, a young 20-year-old girl, left orphaned when her parents and brother died in the first harsh winter. The story takes place nearly 400 years ago in 1621 AD.

    Myles employed his best friend, John Alden, to woo her over to him, but instead she fell madly in love for John, becoming the second couple to marry at Plymouth and starting the largest family posterity pool in North America. But John and Myles would remain steadfast friends and together would help settle the town of Duxbury MA in 1629.

    This tale was passed down through the Alden Family generations and first published by great, great grandson (and Allegheny College founder) Timothy Alden in 1814. But it only became famous when published by the famous poet, Henry Wadworth Longfellow, who while also a direct descendant, was certainly not an eyewitness, having lived mored than 200 years after the fact.

    Alden Family Noteworthy Descendants

    The Alden Family has produced one of the largest posterity pools in North American. Many Canadians and Americans can trace their genealogy directly to this couple, including many noteworthy people:

        * Adams Family *
      • Adams, Brooks (1848-1927) - son of Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886) -an American historian and a critic of capitalism.
      • Adams, Charles Francis I (1807-1886) - Diplomat and US Ambassador to England for Abraham Lincoln during the US Civil War, son of Pres. John Quincy Adams (1767-1848).
      • Adams, Charles Francis II (1835-1915) - son of Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886) - A colonel in the Union Army, railroad regulator and executive, an author of historical works, and a member of the Massachusetts Park Commission.
      • Adams, John, Pres. (1735-1826) - 2nd US President. Adams, John Quincy, Pres. (1767-1848) - sixth US President, son of Pres. John Adams (1735-1826).
      • Adams, Henry Brooks (1838-1918) - son of Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886), a prominent American Historian.
        * B *
      • Belknap, William B, Jr (1885-1965) - Hardware manufacturer, horse and sheep breeder, Economist, Academician, Politician
        * F *
      • Fish, Mary (1736-1818) ( RPeabody, WPeabody, EAlden, JAlden1) - Heroine of the Revolutionary War and subject of the movie Mary Silliman's War. Married to Gen. Gold Selleck Silliman.
        *L *
      • Longfellow, Henry W (1807-1882) - The romance of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins was the subject of Longfellow's famous story, The Courtship of Miles Standish.Famous American Poet, Writer and Harvard Professor.
        *Q *
      • Quayle, Dan (1947) - American politician, 44th Vice President of the US (1989-93), US Congressman and US Senator.
        * S *
      • Sherman, Edward S (1818-1882) - Edward removed to Fairfield CT, was a dealer in metals and trustee of The Hopkins School. Grandson of the famous founding father.
      • Silliman, Benjamin, Sr (1776-1864) - 1st professor of chemistry at Yale. First person to distill petroleum, born in tavern in 1776 as his mother fled invading Redcoats who just burned down their village. Son of Gen Silliman, Revolutionary War hero.
        *Wadsworth Family *
      • Wadsworth, Henry, Lt (1785-1804) - US Midshipman who died in the Battle of Tripoli during the Barbary Pirate Wars.
      • Wadsworth, A.S., Commodore (1790-1851) - US Naval Officer with over 40 years duty. Was 1st Leiutenant on the USS Constitution during it's famous battle with the Guerriere in the War of 1812.
      • Wadsworth, Peleg, Gen (1748-1829) - Revolutionary War officer serving in various capacities including aide to General Artemas Ward and later as brigadier general of militia-gained fame for escaping British capture and helping liberate the city of Bagaduce (now named Castine), Maine from British control.
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