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    Duxbury was one of the very first towns to popup shortly after landing of the Mayflower Pilgrims at Plymouth when several prominent families settled here. Soon Duxbury became a busy port and shipbuilding center of its own.

    One of the first villages outside of Plymouth, Duxbury soon became a thriving commercial seaport in its own right. Founded by Mayflower pilgrims John Alden, Myles Standish, George Soule and others, this village created a lot of early colonial history and their descendants were some of the most fearsome advocates for independence in the American Revolutionary War.

    Revolutionary War Era

    In the years leading to the Revolution, opposition to the Crown was fierce in Duxbury. Crowds met atop Captain’s Hill during the Stamp Act crisis, and effigies of British officials were hanged and burned. Matters became more tense in 1775 when British General Gage, responding to pleas from loyalists in Marshfield, stationed a company of regulars in that town. “I feel great satisfaction,” Gage wrote to the citizens of Marshfield, “in having contributed to the safety and protection of a people so eminent for their Loyalty to their King.”

    Alden House Museum Tour 1653 Alden House

    By 1629, John Alden, Sr. and his family had moved to Duxbury, Massachusetts where they built their first family home, only 38 feet x 10 feet big, in which he would raise a family of 10 children. Today this house is operated as a Alden family history museum by Alden Kindred Society.

    First Unitarian Church of Duxbury Tour

    1632 church, was the second church body organized by the Plymouth pilgrims. The Duxbury congregation became a parish church of Massachusetts' Congregationalist state church.

    Myles Standish Monument Tour
    Massachusetts State Historic Park

    The focus of the state park is a 116-foot granite shaft topped by a statue of Captain Myles Standish. Standish was military leader of Plymouth Colony. The 125 steps of the tower can be climbed when open, yielding views from the top of 19th-century lighthouses, Duxbury Beach, Plymouth Harbor, and the Blue Hills to the northwest.

    Alexander Standish House Museum Tour

    A historic house at 341 Standish Street in Duxbury, Massachusetts. It has been claimed that this house was built in 1666 by Alexander Standish (1626–1702), son of Mayflower Pilgrim, Capt. Myles Standish, but architectural analysis of the building suggests a mid-18th century construction date.

    Standish Burial Monument Standish Burial Grounds Tour

    This cemetery is named for the celebrated militia leader of the Mayflower pilgrims, Myles Standish, who is buried here along with other distinguished people from the Colonial Era, Revolutionar War and the War of 1812. This distinctive monument commemorates his final resting place done after several hi-tech tests.

    Mayflower Cemetery - 40 acre memorial grounds located next to the First Parish Church, Unitarian, it contains many monuments to Revolutionary and Civil War Veterans and other prominent people of Plymouth County.

    Daniel Bradford House Tour

    Historic wood frame house was built in 1808 by Captaian Daniel Bradford, on land belonging to his father, Colonel Gamaliel Bradford. It is five bays wide and three deep, with a hip roof and large central chimney.

    Gamaliel Bradford House

    A noteworthy two-story wood-frame house built in 1807 by Captain Gamaliel Bradford, a noteworthy privateer from the 1800 US Quasi-War with the French. The house is locally distinctive for its brick side walls and monitor section above the hip roof.

    Gershom Bradford House

    This early 19th-century house remains virtually untouched from when it was built and furnished by the seafaring captain. It remained in the family for four generations until donated to the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society.

    King Caesar House Tour in Plymouth Colony King Caesar House
    Ezra Weston & Jerusha Bradford

    Historic grand mansion of Ezra Weston and Jerusha Bradford who were at one time claimed the greatest shipping magnates in North America. This 1809 Federal style house museum is very well preserved and furnished.

    In the early 19th Century, Ezra Weston II, through the success of his shipping empire and related businesses, became the wealthiest man in all of Plymouth Colony. The ships he built traveled to all parts of the world.

    Winsor House Museum
    Duxbury Historical Society Home

    The Nathaniel Winsor Jr. House is a historic house located at 479 Washington Street Duxbury, Massachusetts. It currently serves as the headquarters of the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society.

    Duxbury Beach Tour

    Six mile long barrier beach, defined by sand dunes, rosa ragusa, and beach grass. It is 50 yards wide at some points, and is the sole land access to the villages of Saquish and Gurnet Point across the town line in Plymouth, the only land area where the two towns meet.

    Duxbury Arts Museum Tour

    This regional arts center and houses the impressive collection of the Carl A. Weyerhaeuser family. Features a year-round schedule of exhibitions, lectures, concerts, classes, education programs, demonstrations, and tea ceremonies.

    Duxbury Free Library Tour

    This historic library first opened its doors to the public in the spring of 1890. Situated in a beautifully appointed house fitted throughout with paintings and works of art, George and Georgianna Wright conveyed the building and grounds that became the first library.

    Hall's Corner Tour

    Duxbury's main commercial and retail shopping area, centering on a flagpole.

    Duxbury Ponds Walking Tours

    Enjoy a serene moment visiting any of four scenic ponds adjacent to the Tinkertown hamlet of Duxbury. They include forest paths, bike trails, and a pond native life. These four ponds are all part of the Island Creek Fish Ladder restoration project of 2006.

    Washington Street Tour

    Home to Duxbury's Historic Old Shipbuilder's District. It embodies the distinctive characteristics of Duxbury, Massachusetts during the community's heyday as a center of shipbuilding and maritime commerce.

    Pillsbury Summer House Tour

    A historic house at 45 Old Cove Road in Duxbury, Massachusetts. The two-story wood frame house was built in 1938, and is a locally distinctive early example of Modern architecture, as the first major work of architect Sarah Pillsbury Harkness, and as a rare regional example of a Modern summer house. The house was designed by Harkness for her parents, in collaboration with Eleanor Raymond.

    Wright Library Tour

    More commonly known as the "Wright Building," this historic library is located at 147 St. George Street in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

    Duxbury Yacht Club Tour

    The Duxbury Yacht Club (near Snug Harbor and Washington Street) was founded in 1875 and incorporated in 1895. As part of the club's 120th anniversary celebrations, David A. Mittell wrote 'The Duxbury Yacht Club story'.


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