Constitutional Amendment to Regulate Indecent Material and Protect Our Children

Should Government Have the Power to Protect our Families, Childrens, Homes, Schools, Business and Churches from the Onslaught of Indecent Material?

After one year from the ratification of this article Congress shall have the power to define, limit, tax and otherwise regulate the production, distribution, transportation and possession of indecent and obscene material. The Congress and the several states shall have concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

In 2004 the US Center for Disease Control has released a new study that shows for among young people that engaged in sexual activity, at least 50% will get some form of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) by the time they are age 25. (The percentage among young people who practice abstinence will be at about 0%). Their study notes several important factors:

  • sexually activity in young people is climbing fast.
  • condom use is also climbing substantial.
  • the incidents of STD is climbing at much faster rate than the increase in sexual practices among young people.
  • condoms (and other forms of "safe sex") are less effective than previously thought in blocking many types of STD's. All doctors know that those condoms cover only a small piece of skin and not the entire genital area where infection will likely occur.
  • there are over 30 different types of STDs some of which are not blocked at all be condom use.
  • the mass media (including a substantial increase in both hardcore and softcore pornography) is a primary factor in encouraging both young men and young women in engaging in various types.
  • abstinence is the most effective method to block STD.

    The skyrocketing rate of STD incidents is causing a huge burden on our healthcare systems and is yet another major factor leading to runaway healthcare costs that must be shouldered by both public government funding and private funding by business, labor, churches and families. All of this was initiated by the continued bombardment of pornography on our society.

    Individuals are victimized
    - when they become trapped in addictive and destructive behaviour. They waste their time and money in a pursuit that has no lasting beneficial value but to get a temporary drug-like fix.

    Marriage partners are victimized
    - when spouses lose trust and faith in each other are motivated to act out abusive activity. Pornography is a leading cause of spousal abuse and divorce.

    Children are victimized
    - when they are exposed to confusing and destructive behaviours. Pornography is the leading factor in child abuse and the perpertrator is usually a person trusted by the child and family.

    Families are victimized
    - Pornography is a leading factor in creating divorce and broken homes when they lose the benefit and example of a loving father or mother who puts the needs of the child before their own self-centered interests.

    Young people are victimized
    - Pornography is a leading factor that motivates young people to act out sexual activity in myriad forms. They are place at risk of gaining STDs. They are deceived into building relationships based on carnal ideas instead of spiritual love-centered ideals.

    Businesses are victimized
    - When employees use work time and computers to view porn. Productivity is loss and the company is at risk of losing talent where they had made an investment in training and education.

    Local, State and Federal Governments are victimized
    - When they have to provide welfare support to broken families and individuals. Efforts by responsible agencies to create a safe environment for all members of the community are handicapped because of constitutional restrictions currently in place that protect the rights of those that make profits peddling this filth.

    Schools and Libraries are victimized
    - When they are blocked in their efforts to provide internet service in manner safe children they then must pull the plug and refuse to provide the service to everyone.

    Religous and charitable organizations are victimized
    - Additionally they have to provide welfare support to broken families and individuals. Their membership base of supporters shrinks each time one of them falls victim to this dreadful disease.>

    Stop the Perpetrators - Porn publishers and many others are getting very rich by abusing the Constitutional Bill of Rights protecting freedom of expression. We should have a constitutional amendment in place to protect us from the damage that is skyrocketing daily from the spread of this horrible disease.

    Petition To Save Our Families From Exposure to Indecent Material

    In the last ten years, pornography addiction has emerged as the biggest factor contributing to the breakup of sound marriages, families and homes through separation and divorce. Pornography is an ugly disease that lulls the unwary into a continual cycle of self-gratification at the expense of building positive wholesome relationships with family and friends.

    Even though our constitution protects individual freedoms such as speech, press and religion, we must remember that the abuse of these freedoms has direct harmful consequences for our society. Those that would misuse these privileges need to be held accountable for their actions and not allowed to hide their greed behind the law while making vast profits by being such a destructive burden to our world.

    Their business leaves spouses abused or deprived of a faithful partner and children living in broken homes missing one or more parents and deprived of the example of a loving father figure. The children in these homes are more likely to be stricken with the ills of poverty and not only at a disadvantage of achieving a quality education, but they are at a greater risk to succumb to the harmful effects of drugs and gangs.

    Our government systems also experience a direct burden from this dreadful disease as it must repair the devastation wrought by those that are inspired by these harmful images to engage in criminal activity that is emotionally or physically abusive or violent towards the innocent. Consider these direct costs to our governments.

  • - We build and maintain additional prison space to incarcerate them.
  • - We fund additional judicial officers to prosecute, judge and sentence them.
  • - We fund additional police and probation officers to monitor and investigate them.
  • - We fund additional welfare services to assist their victims.

    I am surprised that our existing politicians and those that aspire to political office have not recognized the opportunity for the double victory here of promoting both family values and achieving a significant tax savings by pursuing this agenda. This petition demands that all levels of government take a more proactive role in holding businesses more accountable for the harmful consequences of their activities. This action could be in the form of funding for public awareness programs as well as greater fees, special taxes, zoning restrictions or outright bans on certain business practices by city, county, state and federal governmental agencies that already have the appropriate jurisdiction.

    I am also surprised that the legal community has not yet attempted to assist victims to the full benefits of recovery at law by prosecuting these rich businesses for the devastation in their lives. Why canít single parent homes be able to collect compensation from the creators, publishers, and distributors of obscene artwork who successfully broke up a family while at the same time gaining a loyal customer.

    Today, many businesses display obscene magazines in open areas because none of their customers complains that it is an area readily visible. Communities tolerate billboard advertising that could easily fall within the definition, because the elected officials have not taken the effort to declare their town a family friendly area as allowed by existing federal law.

    Therefore I ask you to help protect our families and reduce the huge tax burden that we are already under by forwarding this petition as a warning, not only to your friends and family but also to our government officials of the judicial, executive and legislative branches. Also contact legal advisors, leaders of religious and civic organizations, our public media outlets. Finally, please forward this petition as a prophetic voice of warning to those corporate executives whose business practices in anyway benefit from this awful vice.

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