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Quick Tips for Great Life Adventures
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The purpose of this Great Life Adventure Quick Tips is to share with you some commonly misunderstood basic principles to happier living. Then you can find great joy and satisfaction in life each and every day.
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Tip #17 : Participation In A Good Cause

To get the most out of life, you need to live your life with purpose. This particularly applies to how you use your free time. When you spend your free time in positive, life-building experiences, you will get a lot more satisfaction and joy in your own life.

If you are not anxiously engaged in a good cause, than you are falling short of your true potential for greatness in life. See this section on how to get started.

Dr. Laura - One Example in Positive Living

Laura Schlesinger is a happy vibrant personality who runs a popular daily call-in advice show across a national network of radio stations, called Dr. Laura. The purpose of the show is to give free quick tidbits of advice to individuals and couples who are struggling with individual challenges. She has also authored a number of best-selling self-help advice books.

This is a great example of positive living. She is not perfect and I won't agree with her on every thing she says or does, but I admire or zeal and energy for life.

However, the big picture to look at is why she produces this show? What is her motivation to get up early each morning?

She does not hide the fact that her emphasis is to make our world into a better place for our children to inherit. To this end she strives to make every home a positive place for childen to grow and learn how to become responsible adults that are capable of making a positive contribution to society.

To accomplish this goal her advice show, books and special support programs are all geared to helping others live positive, independent, self-sufficient, productive lives. She is very adept at cutting through to the root cause of a personal problem or trial and turning it into a learning and growth experience.

For more information about Dr. Laura and her show, see the Dr Laura Website.

Ideas For You

Here is a random list of easy ways for you to get involved:

Sample causes could include education, good government, civil rights, job help, children, health-care, the law, environment, arts & culture, humanitarian aid, the homeless, public safety, charity, religion and more. There are many more.
Family First - A good place to start is within the walls of your home. No other worldly success can compensate for failure in the home. Spend both quality and quantity time with spouse and siblings.
Publish a Website - Do you feel strongly about a cause? Write about on the internet. There are many free web hosting services. Or contribute to an existing online community. (That's one way I'm started.)
Fund Raising - Don't have time to participate? Then just take one moment to make financial contribution. Many bona-fide organizations will let you mail in a check or send payment online. A good guideline is to donate 10% of your income. Anything less and somebody might thing that you're selfish.

Humanitarian Aid
Humanitarian Aid - Consider a six-month mission with Peace Corps and some other foreign service group. There are many opportunities to share knowledge from your field of expertise. (It is also a great opportunity to see and experience different cultures.)

Community Service
Senior Citizen Volunteer Patrol - Many local communities have several volunteer patrols that assist with the homeless, elderly, schools, and special community events. You get to meet and help a lot of great people in your own neighborhood.
Local School - both public and private schools could sure use a lot of volunteer help in the classroom. Especially to provide mentoring help to individuals with learning challenges.
After-school programs - do you live sports and recreation? Then check with local schools or parks and recreation department.
Scouting - this is a special your program for both boys and girls. It involves a wide range of indoor and outdoor recreational activity and community service projects. [Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America]
YMCA - There are over 2400 YMCA's in America and in over 120 countries abroad whose goal is to meet the health and social service needs of men, women and children. Each YMCA is able to make independent decisions on how to serve the needs of its community. They coordinate health-care, sports activities, child-care, and educational opportunities.

Public Education

Much of the violence in our world, both home and abroad, originates in poor countries and poor neighborhoods where young people miss the example of positive homes, positive role models. Many people live in poverty because they have no job skills or work opportunities to escape it.

Our world would be a dramatically different if every individual where able to just graduate from high school and learn a basic technical job skill (i.e. a two year trade school or apprenticeship program).

Then they would have the confidence to get married, build a home and start their own family. This would be the end to city street gangs in our inner-cities and terrorists radicals rebel groups in foreign countries.

Here are examples of working programs.

Cultural Preservation

For people who like to travel and already have certain hobbies in mind - this could be the category most appealing to you!
Promotion of the Arts - Performing arts, Artwork, crafts and more
Landmark Preservation - Preservation of historical landmarks
Cultural Center - The local community cultural center - special events
Museums - Railroading, automotive, aerospace, local history, industry related, etc.

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Define Love - Love is the sincere desire to nurture spiritual growth in either yourself or someone else.
(R. Scott Peck- The Road Less Traveled)