Families First - Success In The Home
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Families First - Success In The Home

The hallmark of any successful society are successful families where love and happiness in the home is shared by all who live there. No other worldly success can compensate for failure in the home.

The choices we make about the quality of life inside the walls of our home, affect not only ourselves, but also our spouse (or cohabitation partner) with whom we probably have some form of commitment to share the rest of our life together. Also our homelife choices will have a very pronounced impact on the future generations that are being reared in the home. It is no secret that many of the traditions, traits and values that will be carried with them through the rest of their lives is what they copy or learn from their parents (or home guardian).

One example of this principle is smoking. Everyone knows (almost) that regular smoking is not only bad for your health but can turn into a very addictive habit. Yet the vast majority of people who do smoke started at a young age because of the poor example set forth by the parents.

Parents should so order their lives that their example will be an inspiration to their children.

What Are The Consequences

More than anywhere else in your life, you have the freedom to choose the quality of life that you want for yourself and for your family relationships and the future of your children. But when you make the choice, please carefully consider the consequences. All of the following facts are based on a number of major scientific surveys done in the last decade.

No child is a perfect angel, but the odds of success jump astronomically when they are taught correct family values in the home.

Consider these questions in starting a home:

Love At Home

Home is The Ultimate Teaching Center

Successful Homes Spur Economic Growth

Family Values

What are the habits and traits of successful families: