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Great Life Adventures
Quick Tips - Welcome Page
MainTour Family Vacation Adventure Guide
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Our Mission

Many experts agree that successful relationships and families are based on the principles of hope, respect, love, compassion, forgiveness, work and wholesome recreational activities.

The core mission for the The MainTour Family Vacation Adventure Guide is to promote family harmony and successful relationships by helping you participate in great life adventure experiences.

We hope that you will find the Quick Tips presented here to be very useful in helping you improve the quality of both your everyday life and your special adventures into the world around you. While our website is packed with great life adventure ideas sorted by geography and topics; however, below we have listed a few items of practical advice to help you get the best satisfaction out of everyday life and hope for the future.

I believe our life on earth should be a journey of both discovery, joy and productivity. At the end of each day I hope to have accomplished at least a little bit of happiness or life improvement for either myself or someone else. Then I can start the next day with the hope that it will end at least a little bit better than how it started.

What pains me is to see so many around me who struggle through life because they continually make bad choices about how they conduct their lives. This could be done out of either ignorance or by choice, but in either case, there is a easy road to a happier and more rewarding life.

Make the Best Life Choices

In all of the principles presented below, you need to remember these three key steps.

  • Understand - To follow a correct principle, you must first understand how it works.
  • Accept - Next you must accept it as right or wrong. Some call this faith, i.e., by acting in an improved manner, I will reap certain benefits.
  • Commitment - Many people already know what bad habits they have, but they fail to take the corrective action.

    When you choose to follow correct principles, you will need to actively and courageously remove from your environment those factors that will cause you to fail. In some cases you may need to ask for outside help. Where I can I will try to add free links to useful resources.

    Each day we are faced with many choices. I hope that we will always choose the best way each time. The best way is to resolve ahead of time what kind of life we want for ourselves - miserable or joyful.

    The Index - Quick Tips to Great Life Adventures

    Tip#1 : Organization - Be Prepared to Succeed

    I prefer to think of this in simple terms, such as identifying what are top priorities and then to determine what are the ingredients that will guarantee success.

    Remember, Do First Things First. With your list of priorities you should emphasize your attention, energy and resources to work first on the items at the top of the list.

    Tip#2 : Universal Law - Making The Right Decision

    Every event in life is the result of some choice that we make, whether for good or bad. One of the lessons learned in life is that when we make a bad decision we can expect bad results. When we make a good decision, we substantially increase our opportunity for good results.

    Failing to heed warning signs that point to danger ahead is an example of making a bad decision. With each warning sign that we ignore, the odds for a miserable event increases substantially.

    Tip #3 : Life is a Learning Experience - Knowledge is Power
    He knows the most answers to solve lifes tough challenges will have the greatest success. (He who has the most knowledge wins.)

    This item is closely related to those above. Gaining extra knowledge opens the avenue for additional opportunities. Its as simple as asking for help from an expert.

    For example, to have a great vacation experience, you might want to plan ahead, order a travel brochure and find a list of attractions and resorts in the area. Then you place an advance room reservation at the best resort in your price range and then you might want to identify what are the top three attraction you will want to visit and make sure there is no conflict with what times they are open and operate and charge for admission price.

    This is a huge contrast to the hobo who just shows up at a motel with no reservation and no vacancy. Then there is spending all day indoors because you never bothered to research what attractions, if any, are available to visit.

    This type of person wastes a lot of opportunities life by hoping that something good will just accidently fall into their lap. Whereas a successful person plans for and creates opportunity:

  • He knows what choices there are and has even already made his choices.
  • He plans ahead to have everything ready for a smooth arrival.
  • By researching ahead of time he also knows when and where to not travel.

    This same lesson applies to many other aspects of our life:

  • Planning for the workweek and the weekend fun
  • Improving a relationship with a friend or family member
  • Planning our day in the workplace
  • Preparing for college or choosing a career
  • Looking for a new home

    Tip #6 : Why Marriage Matters

    Social Science research has documented many reasons why a healthy marriage relationship will increase the quality of family relationships, family economics, improved health and longevity, and less crime and violence in society.

    Tip #7 : Good Health

    Scientific research has proven that you can add over 20 years to your personal life expentancy by following these three simple rules.

    Here is a Word Of Wisdom - Researchers have verified that not only does good nutrition and exercise keep you fit and thin and add years to your life expentancy, but it also substantially reduces your risk for a number of medical problems such as cancer, heart disease and alzheimers dimentia.

    Tip #8 : Family First

    The hallmark of any successful society are successful families where love and happiness in the home is shared by all who live there. No other worldly success can compensate for failure in the home.

    Tip #9 : Emergency Preparedness

    A major catastrophe in your life does not have to be a traumatic event. With a just a little advance planning you can creately increase your ability to cope with such events. This section provides a brief recap and a preparedness plan for how to cope with the most common events.

    Tip #10 : Family Night

    Almost without exception, adults who were happy about their childhood homelife will have many of their fondest childhood memories gravitate towards successful family activities. These include events like a regular family game-night, sunday dinner or holiday feasts, family vacation, weekend camping trips, unique family traditions, excursions to see the extended family, etc. Other memories follow along the pursuit of shared family recreational hobbie such as sports, camping, hiking, collections, etc.

    Tip #11 : Can Religion Benefit Your Family?

    For thousands of years the family unit has been the core unit of society - physically, educationally, economically and spiritually. True religion should directly promote happiness in our homelife. There are many religious sects that emphasize duty to church above all else. However, I believe that God created religion to help families to be successful and happy. To this end I believe that true religion is that which emphasizes the family unit as more important than the church.

    Tip #12 : Which Religion is Best?
    Not all religions are equal. True religion would prepare you for a happier experience in both this life and the next. Here are some tips and tests on how to discern between divine truths instead of misconceptions and traditions created by manmade dogmas.

    Tip #17 : Participation In A Good Cause

    To get the most out of life, you need to live your life with purpose. This particularly applies to how you use your free time. When you spend your free time in positive, life-building experiences, you will get a lot more satisfaction and joy in your own life.

    If you are not anxiously engaged in a good cause, than you are falling short of your true potential for greatness in life. See this section on how to get started.

    Tip #24 : Avoid Secret Combinations
    Every young person of our generation should be forewarned against each of the terrible secret combinations listed here. Every government, school, religious organization and family should have a concise plan to prepare our young people to withstand there great evil devices that today are working so powerfully to trick them making some terrible choices that have such disastrous consequences.

    Tip #25 : Stop The Trash

    Pornography today is an addictive disease that is a major factor contributing to divorce and broken families. Please tell your politicians and the mainstream media that you do not want your family exposed to its destructive influence.

    Tip #33 : How to Meet Quality People

    Turn work, school, church, or a hobby into a social setting where you can greatly increase your circle of friends that share your values and interests. Develop attractives qualities such how to engage in good conversation.

    Family Life Resources

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    Define Love - Love is the sincere desire to nurture spiritual growth in either yourself or someone else.
    (R. Scott Peck- The Road Less Traveled)

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