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    Safford Arizona Stake

    120th stake of the LDS Church was created on 20 Feb 1938 with Spencer W Kimball as the first stake president. He would later become an LDS Church Apostle in 1943 and then the 12th President of the LDS Church (1973-1985).

    Spencer W. Kimball is the grandson of the famous Mormon Pioneer Heber C Kimball. Spencer's father, Andrew Kimball moved their family to join Mormon Colonies in Southern Arizona. There he served as Stake President of the St Joseph Stake (later the Thatcher Stake) for 29 years. In 1938 the stake was split with Spencer becoming president of the newly formed Safford Stake.

    Local Congregations:
    Visitors are welcome to attend worship services and other events.

      Kimball 3rd Branch - Correctional Facility
      Kimball 4th Branch - Sunset Hills Care & Rehabilitation Center
      Kmball YSA Branch - Safford Stake Center
      Safford 1st Ward - Solomon Chapel
      Safford 2nd Ward - 20th Street Chapel
      Safford 3rd Ward - Safford Stake Center
      Safford 4th Ward - Safford Stake Center
      Safford 5th Ward - 20th Street Chapel
      Safford 6th Ward - 20th Street Chapel
      Safford 7th Ward - Hwy 191 Chapel
      Safford 8th Ward - Hwy 191 Chapel
      Safford 9th Ward - Hwy 191 Chapel
      Solomonville Ward - Solomon Chapel

    Meeting House Facilities

    • Safford Stake Center - 501 West Catalina Dr, Safford AZ 85546
    • 20th Street Chapel - 303 West 20th St, Safford AZ 85546
    • Hwy 191 Chapel - 3722 South Hwy US-191, Safford AZ 85546
    • Solomon Chapel - 2249 S Stevens Ave, Solomon AZ 85551

    Gila Valley Mormon Temple Lights Gila Valley Mormon Temple

    Completed and dedicated in May 2010 by the LDS Church, the Gila Valley Temple serves Latter-day Saints in Southeast Arizona and Southwest New Mexico.

    The 17 acre temple site includes and adjacent meetinghouse and recreational area. It is located at the base of the soaring Pinaleño Mountains.

    The Gila Valley Temple and Gilbert Arizona Temple were the first new Mormon Temples announced during the administration of President Thomas S. Monson. This one was completed first.

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    Mesa Mormon Temple Lights Mesa Temple Easter Pageant
    Two Weeks - Easter Break Event

    The Easter Pageant is the largest annual, outdoor Easter Pageant in the World and runs every night for the two weeks before Easter Sunday. It is a wonderful opportunity to introduce friends to the Gospel. The Visitors’ Center will print fliers for the Easter Pageant a few weeks before the pageant. Information regarding the pageant can be found at or at the Visitors’ Center.

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